Electric cars face cuts this winter

Electric cars face cuts this winter

“The use of terminals for electric vehicles in the car parks of tertiary buildings could be limited to emergencies between 8am and 1pm and between 6pm and 8pm,” writes RTE, the French manager of the Transport Network de l’Électricité, co-writes in his report entitled “Perspectives for the electricity system for autumn and winter 2022-2023”. This is certainly just a simple recommendation, but some hotheads have wanted to take it to the extreme to talk about it, at the risk of stoking the French already harbor major fears over energy security. The rumor is all the more credible given that the state of California has urged motorists not to charge their cars during the day due to the heatwave’s damaged distribution network.

RTE’s recommendation dates back to 14 September, the day Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne unveiled a national campaign to raise awareness of French people on energy savings, entitled ‘Every gesture counts’. RTE’s report predicts a catastrophic scenario of a “total loss of control over the electrical system” that “cannot be entirely ruled out” but could be ruled out through concerted energy-saving efforts. So common sense.

By scheduling vehicle charging, off-peak times can be used and the load on the network relieved

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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