Elizabeth II: A guard faints in front of the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall

Elizabeth II: A guard faints in front of the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall

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The Royal Guards must watch over the Queen’s remains 24 hours a day until the day of the state funeral. The pressure was very strong for one of them, who collapsed just before yielding.

The Royal Guards are known for their legendary defiance, but the system put in place at Westminster Hall to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth is particularly taxing. Guards are on duty 24 hours a day to allow the large crowd to come and pay their last respects in front of his coffin.

Heavy pressure on the guards

And even if they are replaced every 20 minutes (with a 40-minute break), the pressure is high. She was too much for one of those guards who collapsed just before she gave in.

The BBC, which broadcast the ceremony, quickly cut the retransmission and passed on a plan of Big Ben. Arriving from Scotland, where the sovereign died, the remains are presented on an imposing catafalque in Westminster Hall, the oldest room in Britain’s Parliament, open 24 hours a day until 6:30am on Monday, the day of the last Farewell with a national funeral at Westminster Abbey, in the presence of hundreds of foreign dignitaries and royal royalty.

“draconian restrictions”

After hours of waiting during the night, Britons marched in silence in front of the coffin of their beloved Queen Elizabeth II in London on Thursday before a grandiose funeral on Monday.

Authorities have warned of “draconian restrictions” that airports are appropriate and urged the public to “dress appropriately to pay homage to the sovereign”, omnipresent through several generations of Britons and a rock of stability in times of crisis and change .

Reference: www.europe1.fr

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