Elizabeth II: The Queen will be buried at Windsor Castle at 8.30pm on Monday

Elizabeth II: The Queen will be buried at Windsor Castle at 8.30pm on Monday

Queen Elizabeth II will be buried at 7.30pm local time, or 8.30pm French time, in a private ceremony at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on the outskirts of west London on Monday, following her morning state funeral, the palace said on Thursday. On Friday evening, also at 8.30pm French time, their children, including King Charles III, gather during a vigil in front of the coffin of the sovereign who died in Scotland on September 8 at the age of 96.

Funerals from noon, French time

The state funeral, the first since the death of Winston Churchill in 1965, will take place on Monday at 10am GMT or 12pm French time at Westminster Abbey in the presence of more than 2,000 guests, including hundreds of foreign dignitaries and royal royalty. Once the “Last Post”, a tribute to the British Army’s fallen soldiers, has sounded, there is silence for two minutes at around 10:55 GMT.

After the burial, the coffin is returned to the carriage and carried through the British capital to Wellington’s Arch at Hyde Park Corner. There it is loaded into a hearse. On arrival in Windsor, the hearse travels down the Long Walk, a spectacular laneway that cuts through the estate, to St George’s Chapel ahead of a televised ceremony.

A funeral reserved for family members

A service will be held at 15:00 GMT in the chapel, in the presence of more than 800 people, ahead of the funeral, which will be reserved for close family members, with no photographers or cameras. The Queen’s coffin will rest in the King George VI Chapel, an annex to the main chapel, which already contains the Queen’s father and mother, as well as the ashes of her sister, Princess Margaret.

Prince Philip’s coffin, currently resting in the royal vault, is being taken to the chapel to join his wife.


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