Emissions standard Euro 7: not so strict

Emissions standard Euro 7: not so strict

The implementation was arduous, but on Thursday 10th November the draft of the new anti-pollution standard for new vehicles was finally presented by the European Commission. This Euro 7 standard has been postponed several times and around its thresholds there has been the greatest uncertainty. Some manufacturers feared it would be too strict to kill internal combustion engines, petrol and diesel before the 2035 deadline set by the European Union. This will not be the case: the proposed pollutant emission thresholds remain in line with the previous standard. A relatively wise choice that has some environmental organizations startled. “The European Commission’s proposal is so weak that it could have been written by the automotive industry itself,” says Anna Krajinska, head of vehicle emissions at Transport & Environment.

For the car lobby, 7 euros were not necessary

The NGO Transport & Environment has never hidden its pro-electric vehicle ideology. It is logical that she castigates the proposal for the Euro 7 pollutant standard: “The profits of the manufacturers are therefore given priority over the health of millions of Europeans,” Anna Krajinska continues. EU Commissioner Thierry Breton, who made the proposal, denies it. “NO emissions thanks to Euro 7x Light vehicles will be 35% lower than if we had kept Euro 6. And for heavy-duty vehicles, it’s a 56% drop,” he explains in a blog. With the voice of ACEA (Association of European Automobile Manufacturers), manufacturers do not consider the introduction of a Euro 7 standard necessary will affect cars,” explained Oliver Zipse, head of BMW Tavares, head of Stellantis, he explained to our colleagues from Figaro during the last Paris Motor Show: “The Euro 7 standard is useless. Why are we devoting our resources to a technology that should be banned?”

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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