End of diesel, limits of electric: the sale of utilities falls

End of diesel, limits of electric: the sale of utilities falls

The so popular Renault Kangoo or Citroën Berlingo vans, Renault Trafic or Master vans, Peugeot Expert, are not doing well. Without the quality or the recognized services of these familiar vehicles having much to do with it. The market for new utility vehicles is collapsing twice as fast as that for new cars. It fell in France by 20% in May (-11% for cars). Over five months, it fell by 25% (against -17% for passenger cars). Renault saw its registrations of vans and vans collapse by 40% in France (between January and May), i.e. 2.5 times more than those of its cars, Stellantis by 21%.

On the whole of Europe, it is not better. Utilities tumbled 24% (over four months). There too, it is much worse than for cars, whose registrations fell by 14.5% on the Old Continent for the same period. The order barometer, which foreshadows registrations for the coming months, confirms the bitter observation. Last May, orders for commercial vehicles plummeted by 40% in France, while the order book for cars only crumbled by 3.5%. Small consolation: the only segment of electric utilities is progressing, but its market share remains derisory (4% of total registrations). Indeed, utilities remain overwhelmingly driven by engines… diesel.

A wait-and-see attitude


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