Energy Crisis: Martine Aubry’s Original Blame on Nuclear Energy

Energy Crisis: Martine Aubry’s Original Blame on Nuclear Energy

The lady of the 35 hours has turned up the heat again. Martine Aubry, because that was the nickname given to her by Philippe Alexandre twenty years ago, decided on October 1 that Lille would boycott the World Cup in Qatar. The mayor promises on Twitter that there will be no game broadcast on a big screen in her city. And a pity for the supporters of the French team in a football-loving region: they stay at home and drink their beer in company with themselves…

The episode would make you smile if the leftist leader’s ability to take on disastrous combat wasn’t a constant in her career. Let’s not stop at 35 hours, an option unique in Europe that has undermined French competitiveness for years and contributed no little to deindustrialization. But let us rather ask ourselves about the origins of the nuclear industrial catastrophe that we are witnessing today. In a somewhat futile search for paternity at the origins of the crisis, the President of the Republic and EDF’s outgoing CEO have denied responsibility.


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