Environment: 49 Nupes MPs call for ‘radical measures’

Environment: 49 Nupes MPs call for ‘radical measures’

Forty-nine Nupes MPs called for “radical and immediate action” on climate change and urged the state to respect judicial injunctions following the “case of the century” trial, in a column published on the JDD website on Saturday.

They are speaking a year after the judgments of the Paris Administrative Court, which on October 14, 2021 found that the greenhouse gas emission cap had been exceeded by 62 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent and therefore called on the “state to remedy the consequences of its failure” by December 31, 2022, the signatories recall.

Deal of the Century, continued

Four NGOs gathered under the banner of “The Affair of the Century” (Notre Affaire à tous, Greenpeace France, Nicolas Hulot Foundation and Oxfam France) and supported by a petition of more than 2.3 million citizens, had the in early 2019 Administration of the court appealed to Paris to point out the state’s shortcomings in the fight against global warming in 2015/18.

In February 2021, the court ruled in their favor, declaring the state “responsible” for breaching commitments it had made under the Paris Agreement, or “carbon budgets”, for which France is responsible.

Absence of the communist deputy

Among the signatories are the ecologist Marie Pochon, on the initiative of the Tribune, the first secretary of the PS Olivier Faure, the head of the ecologists deputy Cyrielle Chatelain, the former national secretary of the EELV Julien Bayou or also the deputies LFI Aymeric Caron and Clémence Guette – but not a communist deputy.

“Have the state and its agency taken stock of what these decisions mean in terms of new obligations associated with its actions?” they ask on the eve of a “march against the high cost of living and inaction on the climate.” Paris, on the initiative of LFI.

“The government is waiting”

“Faced with climate generation, the government is waiting. Watch as droughts, heatwaves and shortages increase as you seemingly uncover a catastrophe that’s been predicted for more than 40 years, turning big on August 15 after more than six months of rainfall deficit a interministerial cell on the drought, the results of which are not known until October 11”, deplored MEPs.

They are based on a UN report that estimates that “current national contributions already put us on track for 3.2°C of warming by the end of the century”.

The MPs are pointing the finger at a government that “seems to have heard about the climate, not the emergency”. They call for “radical and immediate action to guarantee a + future + that is not economically stable, not happy, but simply + livable +, according to the IPCC”.

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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