Environmentalists in search of visibility

Environmentalists in search of visibility

The ecologists of Europe Ecologie Les Verts are preparing their next congress scheduled for November, where the attachment to Nupes will be at the heart of the debates, in a difficult context where the new deputies are trying to find visibility within the new alliance of left.

After the legislative elections, which saw the environmentalists win 23 seats, the new deputies seem a little “invisibilized” within the Nupes, notes for AFP the spokesperson for EELV, Alain Coulombel.

“Members tell us + we can’t hear you anymore +”, especially in the face of the 75 deputies of La France insoumise, he said.

“Our team is in a phase of installation and recruitment of its collaborators, since we did not have a group in the Assembly before”, unlike the other parties, he justifies.

“The Greens, I don’t see them, it’s harder for them to exist in the sequence”, admits a PS deputy to AFP, while a rebellious deputy judges that her group “is a little more coordinated than environmentalists, who have “a more individualistic culture”.

“But apart from LFI, no one is visible,” replies EELV MP Sandra Régol, who “doesn’t feel” that the party “is doing so badly”.

For MEP David Cormand, “it’s foam”. “We are the only force to have gained a group, and we have the most important group that ecology has ever had in France. So we can be given two months to settle down,” he told AFP. , without necessarily “mingling in the vocal escalation”.

“A mandate lasts 5 years” adds EELV deputy Charles Fournier, for whom “we could probably have anticipated better” but “at the start of the school year we will be more visible”.

The party is also faced with an internal quarrel concerning the maintenance at the head of the party of Julien Bayou, while his election as deputy should have forced him to leave office, believe his detractors, relying on the party’s internal regulations. .

Number 2 Sandra Régol is also in the sights, while two other deputies, Eva Sas and Jérémie Iordanoff left their executive functions after their election.

“The center of gravity of the movement cannot move to the Assembly”, pleads Alain Coulombel.

– “Ridiculous” controversy –

Cyrielle Chatelain in front of the National Assembly in Paris, June 21, 2022 (AFP/Archives – JULIEN DE ROSA)

“The fact that there are places at stake, it makes some people’s heads spin,” replied AFP Sandra Régol, who finally left her post as vice-president – but remains in the executive office -, facing to this “ridiculous” controversy.

“There are ten weeks left before the congress. With Julien Bayou, we are trying to + tile +, so that the party remains as stable as possible”, she defends.

Scheduled for November, the Congress will therefore make it possible to designate a new direction. No one has yet been officially declared but everyone agrees that Marine Tondelier, elected opposition member in Hénin-Beaumont, will be a candidate for the head of the movement.

“If she decided to be, I would support her,” explains David Cormand. “She is the most ready and guarantor of a line that affirms ecology as a political paradigm in its own right, while assuming electoral coalitions”.

“She is very enthusiastic and she has the ability to bring people together”, also notes Charles Fournier.

At the heart of this election will be played out more broadly the relationship of the movement to Nupes.

“With us, there is a graduation of what everyone thinks of Nupes”, analyzes Charles Fournier, between “those who consider that ecology is not soluble on the left, and therefore in Nupes”, those clearly more “unionist on the left”, of which he is a part, and the supporters of an intermediate line, of which Marine Tondelier is a part.

“She clearly affirms an ecological line, but no identity withdrawal”, explains David Cormand.

Anyway, “no one will be able to defend the idea that we must break with Nupes”, considers Alain Coulombel.

For David Cormand, “the question that will have to be decided is + what is happening in the European elections? that those who want a common list (with the other left-wing parties) say so clearly”, adds the MEP, who judges that “it would be absurd”.

While waiting for the congress, the summer days at the end of August in Grenoble will be an opportunity to clarify lines and applications. And also to take stock of the presidential election.


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