Eric Woerth on his way to the quaestorship of the National Assembly and 12,000 euros in monthly income

Eric Woerth on his way to the quaestorship of the National Assembly and 12,000 euros in monthly income

Eric Woerth is a candidate for the quaestorship of the Bourbon Palace. – Credit: Friends of Nicolas Sarkozy / Flickr

Wednesday, June 29, Eric Woerth could be elected quaestor of the National Assembly. La République en Marche has just presented its candidates for the key positions in the Palais Bourbon (six vice-presidents, three quaestors, twelve secretaries). Eric Woerth should thus become quaestor as well as Marie Guévenoux (originally from Amiens) and deputy of Essonne.

Jean-René Cazeneuve, deputy En Marche du Gers, should obtain the post of general rapporteur for the budget and Sacha Houlié, ex-PS past En Marche, deputy for Vienne, would become president of the law commission.

The candidates put forward by the majority have a good chance of accessing the functions targeted, while certain positions are acquired by the opposition, such as the chairmanship of the finance committee and a post of quaestor.

A prestigious position… And well paid

The three quaestors manage the budget of the National Assembly. They “are responsible for financial and administrative services. No new expenditure can be committed without their prior opinion.“. They manage the administrative and material aspects of the life of the Assembly. Their role is particularly sensitive at the start of their term of office since they take care of the allocation of offices and meeting rooms assigned to the political groups for their MEPs and their secretariat.

Quaestor is a prestigious position that comes with an additional allowance of 5,000 euros. Which will be added to his gross compensation of 7,200 euros. Eric Woerth will therefore earn 12,200 euros per month (not to mention the 5,400 euros in monthly mandate expenses – including 600 euros without supporting documents -, net of tax, free first-class SNCF travel, 12 free plane tickets in mainland France, 11,000 euros to pay employees excluding employer contributions, 18,950 euros per year for their office and communication equipment, and various other costs, such as hairdressing expenses, the complete list of which makes you smile.


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