Ernaux and other personalities call for demonstrations on October 16th

Ernaux and other personalities call for demonstrations on October 16th

In a column in the Journal, the Nobel Prize winner for literature Annie Ernaux and around sixty personalities from all walks of life call for participation in the march against the high cost of living on October 16, initiated by left-wing parties and organizations du Dimanche.

“In the face of the extreme market corrupting everything, in the face of the far right exploiting desolation to advance its racist, sexist and libertarian peasants, we call to unite in the streets and march together,” the text’s signatories write .

“Committed personalities from the world of culture, science, social movements, whether we are anti-capitalists, communists, ecologists, insurgents, socialists, we will demonstrate in Paris on October 16 against the high cost of living and inaction against the climate”, you add.

Among the participants of this forum are therefore Annie Ernaux, winner of the Nobel Prize this week, as well as other writers (Laurent Binet, Eric Vuillard, Pierre Lemaître, Edouard Louis…), filmmakers and actors (Liliane Rovère, Eva Darlan , Yvan Le Bolloc’h…), the philosopher Didier Eribon or the lawyer and former LFI legislative candidate Caroline Mecary.

In particular, the signatories affirm that “Emmanuel Macron uses inflation to widen the wealth gap, increasing returns on capital to the detriment of the rest” and therefore call for “a popular uprising to resist regression and reclaim a collective destiny of justice and solidarity open up and ecological responsibility”.

This October 16 march in Paris must bring together La France, the PS, EELV and other left organizations, but not yet the communists or the unions.


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