EU considers new military aid to Mozambique amid energy crisis

EU considers new military aid to Mozambique amid energy crisis

L’The European Union plans to increase financial support for its military mission in Mozambique amid Islamist attacks threatening gas projects aimed at reducing Mozambique’s dependence l’union regarding l’Russian energy.

The head of diplomacy l’EU, Josep Borrell, explained Thursday (8th September) that l’European Union it’spromised to help the country fight «against terrorism»Unveiling of new military aid to the country, the day after d’a deadly jihadi attack.

L’attack was on «strong reminder that the fight against terrorism n’is not over and unfortunately it is it’sextends outside the province of Cabo Delgado»said M Borrell told reporters after security talks with Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi and Foreign Minister Veronica Macamo in the capital Maputo.

The journey from M Borrell in Mozambique intervened the day after the death d’an Italian nun in an attack on a missionary compound in Nampula province claimed by the jihadist group l’The Islamic State, which is leading an insurgency in the north of the country.

Thursday, l’EU approves additional military aid from 15 million d’Euro in support of the mission of the development community of l’Southern Africa (SADC) in Mozambique (SAMIM), in the troubled northern province of Cabo Delgado, under the European Peace Facility, an off-budget financial instrument currently used primarily for military support l’Ukraine.

This money is used to provide equipment, including camp fixtures and vehicles, and it’sAdd Help from 89 million d’Euro previously agreed and destined for the Mozambican armed forces, said l’EU in a press release.

These funds are coming it’sadd to 1.9 million d’Euro already provided by l’EU at SAMIM.

M Macamo described relationships to l’UE d’«Excellent»while M Nyusi welcomed the support of l’EU, especially the founding d’a military base intended for the training of Mozambican armed forces, the M Borrell will this Friday (9 September).

This decision also comes when l’West tries to counter l’Russian and Chinese influence in this country d’Southern Africa, three years after the Russian private military company Wagner withdrew most of its forces from the following region d’a series of defeats caused by Islamist militants.

Energy projects at risk

Since 2017, Mozambique has struggled with militants linked to it l’Islamic State in its northernmost, gas-rich province of Cabo Delgado, near billion-dollar liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects.

A military mission d’Southern Africa and a separate intervention by troops from Rwanda have both successfully contained the militants’ spread since their deployment l’last year.

Mozambique has the third largest confirmed gas reserve d’Africa, to Nigeria and l’Algeria. L’The EU fears that without support for military intervention, Mozambique could once again lose control of its troubled north.

The lack d’Energy from the war in Ukraine has given a new boost to Europe’s gas race off the north coast of Mozambique, where Western oil companies are planning to build a gigantic LNG terminal.


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