EU, immigration, energy: the program of the far-right coalition in Italy

EU, immigration, energy: the program of the far-right coalition in Italy

EU, immigration, family or energy policy: these are the cornerstones of the program of the coalition of the extreme right and the Italian right, winner of the general elections on Sunday (September 25).

These points are detailed in the electoral agreement signed between two far-right formations, Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia and Matteo Salvini’s Liga and Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative Forza Italia party.

foreign policy

Respect of the commitments made within the framework of the Atlantic Alliance.

Supporting Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion and supporting any diplomatic initiative to seek a solution to the conflict.

Full adherence to the process of European integration with the prospect of a more political and less bureaucratic European Union.

Revision of the rules of the Stability Pact and economic governance.

Defending and promoting Europe’s Judeo-Christian historical and cultural roots and identity.

Economically and socially

Full utilization of recovery plan resources to address current implementation delays.

Agreement with the European Commission, as foreseen by the European regulations, for a revision of the recovery plan according to the new conditions, needs and priorities.

Reduction of the tax burden for families, companies and the self-employed.

Abolition of the general minimum income.

Reassessment of minimum pension, social and disability


Election of the President of the Republic by direct universal suffrage.

Continue the process of recognizing regional autonomy by ensuring the balancing mechanisms.


Plan to support the birth rate, which provides for free crèches, corporate crèches, toy libraries.

Reduce VAT on early childhood products and services.

Introducing progressive du quotient family.

security, immigration

Fight against all forms of anti-Semitism and Islamic fundamentalism.

Combat irregular immigration and orderly manage legal immigration flows.

Promotion of the social and professional integration of legal immigrants.

Defense of national and European borders.

Blocking boats to prevent human trafficking in consultation with North African authorities.

Setting up hotspots in non-European areas managed by the European Union to examine asylum applications.

energy and Environment

Sustainable energy transition.

Increase in renewable energy production.

Diversification of energy supply and implementation of a plan for energy self-sufficiency.

Evaluation of the use of clean and safe nuclear energy.

Respect and update Italy’s international commitments to combat climate change.


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