EU vaccine policy a ‘shameful mistake’ for Albanian Prime Minister

EU vaccine policy a ‘shameful mistake’ for Albanian Prime Minister

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama criticized the European Union for its handling of the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine during a panel at the Conference in Bled, Slovenia, where he spoke on Monday.

He referred to the Covid pandemic, and specifically when vaccines became available and were distributed to member states of the European Union, leaving many other states out.

“I hope and wish that the EU is much more open, that it creates a more inclusive space in the face of the tragedies… They can no longer act as they did during the pandemic. Vaccines were distributed everywhere. We have relatives everywhere, so we’ve seen it all, and they haven’t even gotten some shots for our nurses”did he declare.

And the reviews didn’t stop there.

“But for vaccines, Serbia turned to China and Russia, we rushed to Turkey, and without [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan, we would have had more deaths, that’s the reality, I hope Europe will learn from this”Mr. Rama said.

He went on to call the EU’s actions a “shameful mistake” because “they just thought about how to distribute the vaccines among themselves”.

“And we are in the middle of Europe […], although we are not members of the EU. We are surrounded by EU borders, but when we have problems we are alone. »

The European Union finally took action and started distributing vaccines to Albania, but several months after deliveries from Sinovac and Sputnik from Turkey and Russia were secured, with the first vaccine administered in January 2021.

Mr Rama also referred to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its global fallout, including the rising cost of living and the energy crisis, adding that the EU expects Albania and other countries that they side with it, but does little to help them deal with the consequences of the war.

That said, Ms. Rama added: “We have aligned with EU foreign policy since day one, and we will continue… We have no other choice…. we have to be patient. We must continue. The EU is the only refuge for countries like us. »

“There is only one destination, the European Union, whether in this century or in the next century, in the next, and as I said, we will enter it, even if it there is no one left, we will enter! »

Referring to enlargement in the light of the war in Ukraine, Rama was not very optimistic that it would change much for the Western Balkans.

“I don’t believe that what is happening will push Europe to accelerate accession, for geopolitical reasons”he concluded.


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