European Union: end clap for petrol and diesel cars?

European Union: end clap for petrol and diesel cars?

The European Council of Ministers of the Environment was in principle to ratify this Tuesday, June 28 the ban on the sale of thermal engines in 2035, including hybrids. But the German Minister of the Environment Steffi Lemke wants the authorization, beyond this date, of vehicles operating exclusively with synthetic fuels, called e-fuels. This technology, currently under development, consists in producing fuel from CO2 resulting in particular from industrial activities using low-carbon electricity. The German proposal, the result of a difficult compromise between Liberals, Social Democrats and Greens within the coalition government, arouses reluctance within the Commission. However, on Tuesday it obtained the support of several countries, including Italy and Hungary. Italy is indeed reluctant to impose all-electric in thirteen years. It even led – belatedly – ​​the revolt with the support of several Eastern European countries and Portugal in particular. Discussions could continue late into the evening

The Commission had proposed in July 2021 the planned death of gasoline and diesel cars. The European Parliament approved this proposal on June 8, by 339 votes for, 249 against and 24 abstentions. The French government however solemnly promised, last year, its support for rechargeable hybrids (thermal and electric engines), a specialty of Stellantis (ex-PSA) and incidentally of Renault, beyond 2035. But Paris seems since “s ‘align with the Commission’s plan to eradicate non-electric models,’ said a source familiar with the matter.

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