Excitement and compact crowds in Scotland: Elizabeth II begins her last journey

Excitement and compact crowds in Scotland: Elizabeth II begins her last journey

Sometimes moved to tears, tens of thousands of people gathered on Scottish streets on Sunday to greet the coffin of Elizabeth II, who left the Balmoral estate for Edinburgh and made her final journey before her state funeral in London.

Expressing the emotions that have gripped the UK since the death of the longest reigning monarch in her history, a compact crowd saluted the body in the Scottish capital, passing through the gates of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Scottish royal residence, just before 16 :30 p.m. (15:30 GMT) after slowly covering 300 kilometers in six hours.

The coffin, draped in the Scottish royal standard, topped with a wreath of white heather, was carried into the palace in front of three of his four children: Edward, Andrew and Anne, who curtseyed in passing to his late mother. He must spend the night in the throne room before a religious ceremony on Monday, attended by King Charles III. One kilometer from Holyroodhouse in the Saint-Gilles Cathedral.

The population will then have a first opportunity to meditate before the remains of him who reigned for 70 years and 7 months, a familiar and reassuring presence, even on the stamps and banknotes, but still mysterious, having steadfastly weathered times and crises .

“Seeing it go by helps you accept the fact that it’s the end of an era,” Rob Parsons, 28, who traveled from the north of England to witness the passage of the coffin, told AFP .

Lucy Hampshire, also present, describes “a strong sense of loss, but also an impression of a page turning as we watched the coffin pass”. “He was a pillar for his support and compassion when sometimes we didn’t know what to say,” as during the confinement linked to the COVID-19, during which the Queen had comforted Brits in a touching televised speech.

“It was very moving, he’s a wonderful person, it’s very sad. I had a lot of respect for her,” Theresa Brown notes after “quickly seeing” the funeral procession.

The latter had left the Balmoral estate just after 10:00 (9:00 GMT) to applause. Along the route, some threw flowers at the convoy.

Among the few dissenting voices in Scotland, which is run by an independent government and where support for the monarchy is in the minority, a woman was arrested in Edinburgh to applause for carrying a sign that read ‘Abolish the monarchy’.

– guns for Karl –

The remains of Elizabeth II will be flown to London on Tuesday. His funeral will take place on September 19 at Westminster Abbey in London, a mecca for royal weddings, coronations and burials for almost a millennium.

It was there that the then young Princess Elizabeth married 21-year-old Philip Mountbatten in November 1947. There she was crowned on June 2, 1953 at the age of 27, 16 months after becoming King George VI after the death of her father. became Queen on February 6, 1952.

Dignitaries from around the world are expected, including US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, as well as many royalty.

Hundreds of thousands of people will also pay their last respects at the Palace of Westminster, where his coffin dated April 14 will mark the end of a period of national mourning and a historic transition in the United Kingdom.

After King Charles III. Having been proclaimed king in London on Saturday, he was proclaimed king again on Saturday in the other three countries of the United Kingdom at ceremonies with an unvarying ritual in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. 21 cannon shots were fired in the three cities.

On Saturday, during the proclamation ceremony at Saint James’s Palace in London, he said he was “deeply aware of this great inheritance, the duties and the heavy responsibilities of sovereignty which are now conferred upon me” after hailing his mother’s reign had “unmatched in endurance, devotion and devotion”.

Her son William, now heir to the throne and the Prince of Wales, also paid a moving tribute to his grandmother: “I knew this day would come, but it will take me some time to adjust to the reality of life without a grandma,” one “Extraordinary Queen”.

– Negotiations between William and Harry –

The prince then caused a surprise by admiring the flowers placed outside Windsor Castle in honor of Elizabeth II, with his wife Kate, but also with his brother Harry and his wife Meghan, where the acclaimed quartet took a long bath.

The two couples are notoriously cold. While Harry and Meghan are now based in California, they have not been seen together in public for more than two years.

They were all in the same car, but faces were closed, interactions minimal.

According to The Times newspaper, there had been “extended negotiations” between the two camps behind the scenes, delaying their appearance by 45 minutes.

Queen Elizabeth had become increasingly frail in recent months and dedicated her life to the monarchy. Still working on Tuesday, she hosted retiring Prime Minister Boris Johnson and incoming Prime Minister Liz Truss, who had asked her to form a new government.

However, the monarch had remained at Balmoral for these audiences, too weak to travel.

Her latest photo shows her receiving Liz Truss, smiling and leaning on a cane.

His death was announced at 18:30 (17:30 GMT) on Thursday.

Reference: www.guadeloupe.franceantilles.fr

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