Exclusive: the Bureau du taxi de Montréal will be closing permanently

Exclusive: the Bureau du taxi de Montréal will be closing permanently

According to information collected by Subwaythe Bureau du taxi de Montréal will close for good at the end of 2022. The paramunicipal organization responsible for developing, improving and supervising the taxi and limousine transportation industry will disappear after more than 35 years of existence.

The members learned of this last July 13, through a letter from the management of the City of Montreal. If the date of this closure is not officially recorded, it is expected that it will occur in December.

“The closure of this body stems from the decision of the Quebec government to repatriate the powers and responsibilities inherent in the taxi industry,” explains the office of the mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante.

The City is thus referring to the law respecting the remunerated transportation of persons by automobile (known as Law 17). In effect since October 2020, this new legislation has led to a modification of the powers and responsibilities of the City of Montreal in this area.

38 jobs at risk

“This new regulation also implies the end of independent revenue from the Bureau du taxi,” indicates Ms. Plante’s office.

And the city’s decision to close the Bureau du taxi could also put an end to 38 jobs. When Bill 17 came into force, Bureau inspectors lost part of their skills to the traffic controllers of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ). The latter will be, from the end of the year, the only ones authorized to fulfill the original mission of the Office.

The dissolution of the board of directors will be planned and detailed soon, indicates the communication department of the Bureau du taxi.

According to an inside source who preferred to remain anonymous, the disappearance of the organization will lead to the deterioration of the taxi service. “The highway controllers have a bunch of other laws and regulations to enforce,” explains this source.

The mayor’s office says it is working “to ensure a healthy transition with employees, industry and its partners until the end of activities”.

“We aim for there to be no drop in service. We are currently in discussion with the Quebec Ministry of Transport regarding the loan of personnel, whose significant expertise is already recognized and proven,” he continues.

“Sad news” says the opposition

Contacted by Subway, the president of the Montreal Taxi Owners Association, Max-Louis Rosalbert, was not surprised. “If the government could make this decision [de la loi 17] that wiped out the industry, anything is possible,” he says.

According to this professional who has been in the taxi industry for more than 25 years, we can above all see in it the great victory of Uber. Especially since with the disappearance of the Bureau, the quality of taxi service in Montreal could benefit the American platform.

I cannot believe that Quebec can destroy an industry so important to the population for the benefit of a multinational that has no office and does not pay taxes. Is beyond me.

Max Louis Rosalbert

The Bureau du taxi service center had closed at the end of June 2021, following the entry into force of the law – a first step in the end of the existence of the paramunicipal organization. “The Bureau du taxi has lost a lot of feathers in recent years,” reacts Aref Salem, leader of the official opposition in the City of Montreal.

“Although predictable, this is sad news for Montreal taxi companies who are losing an organization that represents them. The initiatives that make taxis shine in Montreal, such as the distinctive “Bonjour” image, in which I participated, will no longer see the light of day if the development aspect is not taken up by the City,” he believes. he.

Contacted, the Ministry of Transport had not been able to respond to our requests at the time of writing these lines.


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