Extreme heat and drought: the prefecture strengthens its measures to deal with the risk of fires

Extreme heat and drought: the prefecture strengthens its measures to deal with the risk of fires

The prefecture of Oise reinforced its measures on Wednesday August 10 in the face of the risk of fires in natural areas. Illustrative photo: Zachary Domes – Unsplash.

While since mid-June, the firefighters of Oise have been called for 180 fires in natural areas, the prefecture decided on Wednesday August 10 to strengthen its measures in the face of the risk of fires in the department. It is also announced that the weather should remain hot and dry until the very end of the day on Sunday August 14th.

In addition to the measures already taken, the following are prohibited in all forests and woods in the Oise department, until Sunday August 14 inclusive:

– Access and movement of motorized vehicles (excluding public services) outside national, departmental and municipal and municipal roads open to public traffic;

– Work using mechanized means, with the exception of those justified by urgency.

Here is the list of measures taken previously and which are extended until Sunday August 14, 2022 inclusive:

– The use and release of flying lanterns (also known as sky, Chinese or Thai lanterns). This prohibition also applies to any release of balloons for recreational or leisure use;

– The sale, transport and use of all fireworks, with the exception of pyrotechnic shows that have been declared to the prefecture;

– To light and carry any fires (including festive fires, campfires and barbecues) and to produce any flame in natural areas (including in woods and forests) or agricultural areas;

– To smoke in natural spaces (including in woods and forests) or in agricultural areas.

Additional restrictive measures are also likely to be put in place by the National Forestry Office, in addition to those already taken. The prefecture may in the days to come decide to lighten, maintain or worsen these measures, depending on the evolution of the situation.

In order to limit fire outbreaks, the prefecture asks residents to act preventively:

– It is essential to clear brush around dwellings or installations of any kind (camping, construction site, etc.) which considerably reduces the power of the fire, limits its impact on buildings and various installations and allows easier intervention of the control services;

– By not throwing cigarette butts out of the vehicle window or into the environment.

«The majority of fires that are currently breaking out on Isarian territory are of accidental origin“, says the prefecture. The free “fire prevention” application, intended for farmers and the general public, aims to facilitate field operations and indicate the location of the fire department in real time. “All residents of Oise are invited to download it“Concludes the administration in its latest press release.


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