Faced with TikTok and Snapchat, Pinterest fights against old age

Faced with TikTok and Snapchat, Pinterest fights against old age

At the moment the Pinterest board does not arouse overwhelming enthusiasm. The platform welcomes a new CEO from Google, Bill Ready, to replace the co-founder, Ben Silbermann pushed towards the exit. “Bill will be a better leader than me for a new chapter” humbly recognized the one who will retain the title of non-executive president. And for good reason: the inspiration and trend research platform has been stagnating for years.

With its 430 million users, Pinterest fails to attract a potential buyer or attract investors. And more seriously, the platform is treading water in the number of subscribers while TikTok or Snpachat are showing exponential growth rates. Instagram also relies on a dynamic that is admittedly less rapid but which remains positive. Another weak point, a large part of Pinterest users are based in the United States, the internationalization of the platform being far from complete. “Pinterest was the little star of social networks eight years ago, notes Cyril Vart, vice president of the Fabernovel firm, because they had invented their tables where we stick sources of inspiration. Except that now they have probably filled up with their users.”


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