Fatal accident in Ribécourt-Dreslincourt. The two deceased young people are Samuel Ancelin and Clément Oudin

Fatal accident in Ribécourt-Dreslincourt. The two deceased young people are Samuel Ancelin and Clément Oudin

– Photo: Aurélien Dheilly / SDIS60

The accident occurred on Sunday July 17, around 6:30 p.m., on the small road that connects Ribécourt to the hamlet of Dreslincourt. Two young people lost their lives there. They are Samuel Ancelin, 20, from Longueil-Sainte-Marie and Clément Oudin, 21, from Estrées-Saint-Denis.
The Fiat Punto was traveling in the Ribécourt – Dreslincourt direction. After crossing the bridge over the D1032, the young people’s car swerved. For an as yet undetermined reason, the motorist lost control of his vehicle. Which violently hit a lamppost in the rue de Picardie, shortly before the entrance to the hamlet of Dreslincourt.
At the time, six people were in the vehicle. Two of the occupants were killed in this accident. Samuel Ancelin was from Longueil-Sainte-Marie. He was 20 years old. As for Clément Houdin, he was from Estrées-Saint-Denis and was 21 years old. Both passengers of the vehicle, they were ejected after the impact.
In their respective villages, the announcement of their sudden disappearance caused a certain stir. “In Longueil, this young man was particularly well known. He had done all his schooling here. So many people knew him“says Stanislas Barthélémy. In Estrées-Saint-Denis, people talk about “a young person without history, very appreciated“.

The accident did not go unnoticed

Significant resources were deployed by the emergency services to help the four other victims of this accident. The latter were all incarcerated in the vehicle. Thanks to the intervention of firefighters from Thourotte, Noyon, Compiègne and Attichy, the victims were rescued. Two of the victims were evacuated in serious condition by helicopter to the hospital in Amiens. A third was to the Baujon hospital center (Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine). These three devices came from neighboring departments: Aisne, Somme and Val-de-Marne.
During the intervention of the emergency services, traffic on this axis was completely cut off. The road between Ribécourt and Dreslincourt could not be reopened until around 9.30 p.m.
This violent accident and the ballet of helicopters did not go unnoticed in the neighborhood. Witness Françoise who lives in one of the houses at the entrance to the hamlet. “Around 6:30 p.m., I heard a big boom. I wondered what had happened. At first, I thought that a car must have hit the wall of a house. But when I went upstairs to look out the window, I saw this wrecked car. She was almost wrapped around the lamppost. It’s stupid for these young people, they did not deserve this. I’ve lived here since 1986, I’ve seen accidents here before, but never as serious as this one. It moved us quite a bit…»
According to this resident of rue de Picardie, the vehicles that circulate on this axis sometimes drive at high speed. “And for some time now, the municipal police have been coming to do speed checks. There are people driving like crazy here. Especially since the end of the first confinement“, reports Françoise.
For the time being, the causes of the accident are not clearly established. To shed light on the circumstances of the shock, the national gendarmerie has opened an investigation.


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