Field fires in the Oise: fires in Cauffry and Précy-sur-Oise

Field fires in the Oise: fires in Cauffry and Précy-sur-Oise

– Illustrative photo: Aurélien Dheilly / SDIS60

The firefighters were out for several at least two other field fires on Saturday July 9, in addition to the one that occurred near Catenoy, not far from Clermont, where a harvester caught fire. As soon as the Estrées-Saint-Denis firefighters were engaged in this intervention, their counterparts in Précy-sur-Oise, between the agglomeration of Creil and Chambly, were alerted, around 4 p.m., to another fire in this town. It was a fire on an area of ​​six hectares, stopped by two spears, as well as by stubble removal carried out by the farmer.

Around 7 p.m., the Liancourt rescue center was mobilized for a third disaster in Cauffry, north of Creil. This time, the flames devoured 2.5 hectares. Three lances were used to contain the fire. Again, the affected farmer carried out stubble cultivation to prevent the spread.

Firefighters do prevention

With the hot weather announced for the coming week, the authorities fear that this type of fire will multiply. On social networks, the firefighters of the Oise multiply prevention messages and strongly encourage everyone to adopt responsible behavior.

Firefighters also advise downloading the Fire Prevention application, in order to better orient firefighters on the next intervention of this type.


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