For Coquerel, Mélenchon Jaurès is: irreplaceable

For Coquerel, Mélenchon Jaurès is: irreplaceable

For Coquerel, Mélenchon is Jaurès

The Chairman of the Finance Committee Éric Coquerel, an old companion of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, does not see himself without his beloved leader. “Imagining that we’re going to replace Jean-Luc like that is a pipe dream. It’s like asking yourself who will replace Jaurès.” What is to support a new candidacy of its presidential champion in five years? “Mélenchon in 2027, that’s a solution that I don’t want to rule out in principle. No one has more experience at this point and I don’t know anyone who wins.”

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The Manouchians on their way to the Pantheon

“Favorable prospects” at the Elysée for studying the files of the entry into the pantheon of Missak Manouchian (1906-1944) and his wife Mélinée (1913-1989). According to Joséphine Baker, this republican temple would thus bring two personalities who chose France, including a woman. Missak Manouchian, presented by the Nazis as “Chief of the Army of Crime”, was shot dead at Mont Valérien.


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