For Mélenchon, October 16 will be “a global challenge for macronist politics”

For Mélenchon, October 16 will be “a global challenge for macronist politics”

The October 16 march, called for by La France insoumise, the PS, EELV and other left-wing organizations, will be an opportunity “for a global questioning of the policies of the Macron regime,” said Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Friday after Emmanuel Macron threatened to dissolve the meeting.

In his new blog post, the rebel leader describes the dissolution of the assembly as “a democratic opportunity” and stresses that “dissolution would give us an opportunity to see the president’s parties pulverized. We could win and our program would apply. “

For him, the “great march against the high cost of living and inaction against climate change,” which he calls October 16, “thus has a broader meaning.

“The frontal struggle against the ruling caste is our only horizon in the face of the violence of aggression unfolding on the front lines of unemployment benefits and the pension system,” adds Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

He judges that “the October 16 march is in one way or another the key moment in the political succession because it is the one that will reveal the key power relations in society: Macron versus the people / the people versus Macron” .

While the CGT announced that it would not take part in this march, Jean-Luc Mélenchon stresses that Philippe Martinez, the head of the headquarters, was “as brutal as possible in affirming a + cautious hunt + union against the “broader action” taken by endorsed was Nupes’.

“But here, too, the records of the past and the excesses of the subject have served their author. The mobilization for the October 16 march was firmly but quietly built up in the Nupes association,” the insurgent says.

He also believes that “the refusal of the PCF (to participate, editor’s note) was decided by eight votes in the national council of this party. It is not representative of the communist opinion on the ground”.


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