Foxconn, the electronics giant that flirts with automakers

Foxconn, the electronics giant that flirts with automakers

Five in two years! This Tuesday, October 18, Taiwanese equipment maker Foxconn unveiled to the public two new prototype electric vehicles under the Foxtron name, joining three others exhibited last year. Unconvinced by the presentation, choreographies of nymphs and ephebes of a finished old-fashioned TV show, it was the background that got the automotive world gathered in Taipei (Taiwan) and online interested: the Model B, an SUV sports car and a Model V, a Pick-up presented by two chief engineers who show the group’s seriousness in this new segment. “What happens at Foxconn is more important than the Paris Motor Show,” quipped an Asia-based French consultant.

You may not be familiar with Foxconn; but make sure Foxconn knows you. The world’s leading electronics, IT and telephony companies turn to this Taiwanese equipment manufacturer to assemble our daily products. Samsung, IBM, Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony are all supplied by him. Beginning in 1974 from a small TV button workshop in the Taipei suburbs, its founder Terry Gou has spread an “industrial gospel” in the factories, combining quality with mass production. In fifty years, Foxconn has grown at the rhythm of the insatiable demand for consumer electronics, bucking the trend of rising labor costs: starting from Taiwan, it has spread to China, India, Vietnam…to a total of 24 countries. Last but not least, it is thanks to her that our smartphones and game consoles are produced at extremely low costs and sold at affordable prices. Today Foxconn claims more than a million employees.


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