France: A ‘solidarity caravan’ denounces ‘deadly migration policies’ in Europe

France: A ‘solidarity caravan’ denounces ‘deadly migration policies’ in Europe

« rights, not death ‘: 200 people gathered in Calais, in northern France, on Wednesday (September 28) as a ‘solidarity caravan’ left Spain for Brussels to denounce ‘deadly European migration policies’, an AFP journalist noted.

About fifty people, members of associations such as Emmaüs International or Ongi Etorri Errefuxiatuak (“Welcome to Refugees”) left Monday (September 26) by bus from Bilbao, Spain, passing through Irun (Spain), Poitiers (France). ) and Paris , before stopping in Calais, a port city from which migrants regularly attempt to cross to England.

They are due to arrive in Brussels on Thursday (September 29) to be received by a delegation from the European Parliament.

This “caravan” has been traveling through Europe regularly for several years to demand more rights for exiles.

In Calais, the protesters, mainly clubs and migrants, found themselves in the square where clubs gather when a migrant dies. ” Not dead but murdered ‘ they chanted.

They listened to two representatives who said: ” 52 people have died in the Côte d’Opale area since the beginning of the year “, killed by drowning, accident, or in fighting by ” inhuman migration policy “. Their names were listed, including Sudanese, Iraqis and Eritreans.

Jalila Tamala was ” came specifically from Tunisia to testify because his two sons, Mehdi and Hedi, 18 and 20, died in the Mediterranean in 2019 while trying to reach France.

« They wanted to go through Italy because my eldest son had a fiancé in France. Having been denied the visa, he attempted the adventure with his brother. I want to give my vote to support all mothers who are in pain like me ‘ she told AFP.

Even if it’s been like this for 20 years,” you don’t get used to these dramas. Deaths aren’t deaths, and even if it doesn’t progress right now, we won’t stop ‘ began Juliette Delaplace, spokeswoman for Secours Catholique.


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