France will “train up to 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers” on its soil, Lecornu announced

France will “train up to 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers” on its soil, Lecornu announced

France will train “up to 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers” on its soil, French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu announced in an interview with the daily on Saturday The Parisian. These soldiers “will be assigned to our units for several weeks,” he explained, stressing that the training will have three levels: “general combatant training,” “then to specific needs reported by Ukrainians, such as logistics” and “a third level of training on the materials provided”.

“We are not at war”

“We do this by respecting the rules of the law without ever being at war, because we are not at war. We are helping a country at war,” argues the minister. France will also supply Crotale anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine, Lecornu stressed, specifying a related announcement by President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday.

The number of Crotale short-range anti-aircraft systems sent to Kyiv “will be decided with the Ukrainians,” but “will be significant so that they can defend their skies,” he assures. “We have 12 of them, but it is a device that is gradually dying out and will be replaced by MAMBAs (anti-aircraft systems using Aster missiles, with a range of up to 50 km or even 100 km, ed.). ) so that the French army does not suffer from shortages,” he affirms, saying that “the aim is to complete this operation within the next two months”.

Mr. Lecornu also recalls that in addition to the 18 Caesar guns already sent to Kyiv, “talks continue on the mobilization of six more guns” and that France “is looking forward to the supply of surface-to-surface missiles such as the LRU (rocket launcher) checks multiple)” in response to a Ukrainian request.


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