François Bayrou is playing it like Biden for the 2027 presidential election

François Bayrou is playing it like Biden for the 2027 presidential election

“Francis…Biden”! Or “Joe…Bayrou”? That’s what some of his relatives called the boss of the modem and high commissioner for planning, at least with a smile, in the offensive against “the compulsory retirement of pensions”. Way for the Béarnais to forcibly recall him, he who keeps repeating, sometimes mockingly, to interlocutors that he must count in the next presidential elections! Let scorn swallow their arrogance. In 2027, he cautiously emphasizes, he will “be younger than Joe Biden when he defeated Donald Trump.” We can only agree with him on this point, since he has 71 feathers and will have 76 in the next presidential election, while the American president was elected with 78 fall! We can only recognize an almost… youthful determination when he assures you: “I will not give up and I will not give up”. Especially not when choosing the queen; And even less what he believes in: a “centrist and centralized democracy”. Moreover, François Bayrou-Biden has just proved this by resolutely reiterating his opposition to Emmanuel Macron, who wants to push through pension reform.

“We do not govern against the people”! The lesson clicks! It is not a simple ‘formal contradiction’ as has been repeated too often. No undue vulnerability either. Here, in fact, is the affirmation of a superseding conviction. The latter, loudly and clearly shouting “not that, Emmanuel”, is in fact defending a reform idea based on social dialogue, which he was rightly entrusted with by the President, who made him head of the CNR, the famous “National Council for Refoundation”. This appointment signed a fundamental commitment, reaffirmed by the re-elected Head of State, to henceforth govern in consultation and dialogue, which expressly excluded any valid passage! And when the warning was not heard, François Bayrou clearly left the Apparently that he will not be able to hold this presidency of the CNR, which aims to tear us away from the Franco-French archaism of archaeo-authoritarian governance.The President of the modem wants to oblige the country to enter modernity For him, to take part in an exchange would underline and sign the truth of this observation: The “modern”, he, the seventy-year-old, be it in the face of all these “archaics” who would like to play it à la Thatcher role mechanics and thus leads to the blocking of the country.

The only great politician with Emmanuel Macron

The current passage, according to Bayrou, does not signal the strength but the weakness of an insufficiently secured power, since it does not dare to take the time to exchange ideas with those who challenge it. The “Tatarins” are “sissies”! The “silent power”, that would be him, F. B…. It would therefore be more justified than ever to claim the supreme magistracy tomorrow. With arguments that stick together: In 2027, the French will want to appoint an older president at the head of state after a “disruptive”, according to a “startupper” draft, more experienced, less above ground. A farmer from Béarn, with roots, mayor of a real city, the city of Pau, father and grandfather of a large family (21 grandchildren). A man of human and political experience whose willpower François Mitterrand admired ever since he overcame the stutter he had suffered from in his youth. Also a stubborn one who wants to be more combative than ever.

François Bayrou’s willingness to fight is partly due to the revenge he must take. Three-time candidate for the presidential elections, he believed that the second in 2007 was the good one! But he finished third with almost 18% of the votes – leaving him with a bitter taste, a strange parallel with Jean-Luc Mélenchon! Still bitter at not being rewarded by Matignon after the 2017 presidential election, as he felt he deserved for having had the strength to give up the race and selflessly giving Emanuel Macron crucial reinforcements. Poorly rewarded sacrifice. Edouard Philippe was preferred to him and he accepted, half resignedly, the Ministry of Justice, which he had to leave after … 35 days because he, boss of the modem, was involved in a case involving European parliamentary assistants!

And we will add that after Emmanuel Macron was re-elected, another one was preferred to him, Elisabeth Borne, whose lack of dimension, of political empathy he regretted, whose lack of political empathy he still regrets. Even if he does it now! After all, after the legislative shipwreck of former President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand, he remains, alongside Emmanuel Macron, the only politician of stature who, despite all the rejection he has endured, remains faithful if history has proved him right. So to the suppression of the ISF, which he fights in vain; thus again at the risk of a social movement, of which he warned of the yellow vests; so always on the need for democratic breath, which implied parliamentary elections with a (good) dose of proportional representation, a decision constantly postponed until later!

“Bayrou is Highlander”

Most often he found the Secretary General of the Elysées, the almighty Alexis Kohler, against him, but the arbiter of elegance (and inelegance) is nonetheless Emmanuel Macron, who is no exception to this rule: only the balance of power counts, and François Bayrou is in capable of imposing them on the head of state as well, if necessary.

He knows the ingratitude of kings and the imperative need that you have a future if you are to be considered. In view of the re-elected President, who will not be eligible for a third time, it is important to enforce his claim to the successor. Edouard Philippe and Bruno Le Maire work there. The centrist could not be missing at this royal campaign party. Because the “successor” is not “enthroned”, he has to assert himself and even “survive” a possible insolvency of the departing person. The fate of the “successor”, whatever it may be, is certainly linked to that of Emmanuel Macron, but not tied to it. It must impose its own space. Remember that he has arguments to make in the succession race. Bayrou won’t withhold it: this horse lover has fallen several times. He bit the dust. And he got up. As one of his relatives, ex-MP Patrick Mignola, says: “Bayrou is Highlander, an immortal warrior since his first death”. So we will be careful not to underestimate François René Jean Lucien Bayrou, son of Jean Calixte and Emma Jeanne Eugénie! Kind of a Biden…


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