Free-flow tolling reduces pollution and slowdowns

Free-flow tolling reduces pollution and slowdowns

The transformation of the infamous national road 79 into an A79 motorway was already delighting the thousands of motorists and truck drivers who use it every day. It was the promise of overtaking made easier and safer, on this very deadly axis which crosses the department of Allier from east or west. Good news never comes alone, “motorists will no longer have to stop at a toll gate and will be able to drive from end to end” on this new highway, explains to AFP Isabelle Lacharme, operational director of Aliae. .

This subsidiary of the motorway company APRR (of which the French construction giant Eiffage is the majority shareholder) indeed adopts the so-called “free flow” toll model, which “prefigures what the motorways will be like in five to ten year”. On 30 kilometers first, before the extension in October to 88 kilometers of the A79 link, gantries with license plate recognition cameras will exempt vehicles from any stop. Only the entrance and exit toll gates of the A71, to which the new A79 is linked, are maintained.

The electronic toll frees itself from any barrier to avoid slowdowns

With the now classic electronic toll system, a badge affixed to the windscreen exchanges data with the transceiver of the toll barrier, in order to identify the subscriber when he passes at reduced speed (30 km/h ). The cost of the passage is automatically debited from his bank account. However, electronic tolls are not enough to make traffic more fluid. Because the badge is not always well recognized, which can end up causing slowdowns in the event of heavy traffic.


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