French MEPs overwhelmingly vote for the introduction of gas and nuclear into the EU’s green taxonomy

French MEPs overwhelmingly vote for the introduction of gas and nuclear into the EU’s green taxonomy

The European Parliament has just endorsed its position in favor of the introduction of gas and nuclear in the green taxonomy. On the French side, reactions are pouring in: the left and environmentalists accuse the center of complacency towards the right and the extreme right.

Of the 79 French MEPs in the European Parliament, 43 voted this Wednesday (July 6) against the objection to the supplementary delegated act (ADC) providing for the introduction of gas and nuclear in the taxonomy on sustainable finance of the European Union (EU).

22 voted for the objection, 2 abstained, while 12 were absent, some of whom joined the benches of the National Assembly.

In other words, French parliamentarians voted by a large majority for the introduction of gas and nuclear in the taxonomy.

“So that reason ends up prevailing” proclaims the right

Honor to the winners: François-Xavier Bellamy, president of the French delegation to the European People’s Party (EPP), greets on Twitter the introduction of a “essential lever for investing in this energy [le nucléaire] carbon-free, essential for our future”noting that he “it took two years of battle to get reason to finally prevail”.

EPP MEP Agnès Evren, French reference on the subject, invited, by press release, to watch ” what happens in Germany”, which, “to get out of its dependence on Russian gas […] plans to reactivate 15 coal-fired power stations.

A “deadly duality” between coal and gas “Nuclear makes it possible” to overtake, she says.

It should be noted, however, that out of the 145 members of the EPP, around thirty voted against the introduction of gas and nuclear energy into the taxonomy. The entire French delegation voted in favour.

Strict conditions of inclusion reminds the center

The centrists of Renew, led by the French delegation, also voted overwhelmingly for the introduction of gas and nuclear in the taxonomy.

Renew MEP and President of the Environment Committee (ENVI) of the European Parliament Pascal Canfin justifies his vote on Twitter by the fact that “the fears expressed on this delegated act are not justified: [le gaz et le nucléaire] are not [mis] at the same level as renewables and strict conditions are included”.

An argument that abounds in the direction of the EPP, but also of the far-right groups Identity and Democracy (ID) and European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR).

Nuclear, energy of the future keeps the far right

Apart from a few MEPs, the two groups voted in unison for the introduction of gas and nuclear in the taxonomy.

Aurélia Beigneux, National Rally (RN) MEP, sitting on ID, explains for EURACTIV: awith this vote, “Europe has won” she exults.

Nuclear “makes us independent of imports from third countries like Russia”.

Thereby, “Faced with MEPs who claim to be environmentalists and ready to sacrifice our energy sector […] we have complied with the recommendations of the IPCC”she asserts.

“Shame” sign the Greens and the Social Democrats

On the other side of the hemicycle, the left and ecologists also voted en bloc, but against the introduction of gas and nuclear in the taxonomy.

” Shame “, sign soberly the Social Democrat (S&D) MEP Aurore Lalucq.

“If the idea is […] to say that a fossil fuel is ‘green’… so frankly, let’s get straight to it and drop the whole taxonomy, because it won’t make sense anymore” she proclaims on Twitter.

For the Greens too “this vote is a disgrace, […] ano real defeat” puts forward the ecologist MEP and president of the Transport and Tourism Commission (TRAN) Karima Delli on Twitter.

Damien Carême, MEP from the same group, also shares a “sad moment for Europe”accusing Parliament of having collapsed “under the weight of lobbies and an abject agreement from the President of the Republic with the dictatorships of the East”.

A “front that goes from the liberals to the far right” alarms the far left

Similar observation in the ranks of the United Left (GUE).

“It’s a huge gift to Vladimir Putin” and the door open to the financing of Russian gas » is alarmed the MEP and co-president of the group Manon Aubry contacted by EURACTIV.

However, ” we are going forward “ she agrees, in view of the few votes against the introduction of these two energies on the side of the EPP and Renew, in particular the two French MEPs Catherine Chabaud and Pascal Durand.

It should also be noted that of the six French MEPs from the GUE group, only two voted for the objection. Three were absent, including Manuel Bompard who became a member of the National Assembly. Emmanuel Maurel abstained.

“What shocks me is that front that goes from the liberals to the extreme right […] because they have been repeating themselves several times on climate issues” says Ms. Aubry.

This event is therefore “meaningful”notably “for the next deadlines and the next vote on climate issues” she concludes.

France wants to nationalize EDF

In the wake of the vote, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne took advantage of her general policy speech before the National Assembly to confirm “the State’s intention to hold 100% of EDF’s capital”.

Without specifying the modalities of this nationalization, the Head of Government declares that “This will enable EDF to strengthen its capacity to carry out ambitious and essential projects as soon as possible for our energy future”.


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