From the shop to the supermarket, recruitment crisis in the RN

From the shop to the supermarket, recruitment crisis in the RN

With suddenly 10 times more deputies than in 2017, including many executives of the National Rally, and a label that has long put off, Marine Le Pen’s party is facing a recruitment crisis.

The presidential finalist admitted to having been surprised: she expected the election of 60 RN deputies. They are in the end 89.

However, among them are several RN executives, such as his own press secretary Caroline Parmentier, his former deputy campaign manager Jean-Philippe Tanguy, the party’s communications director Alexandre Loubet or the treasurer Kevin Pfeffer, as well as several door- word.

Renaud Labaye, former chief of staff of Marine Le Pen during the presidential election, is responsible for helping to recruit future collaborators in the Assembly.

He calculated that the RN group, of which he will become the secretary general, will need around twenty assistants, in addition to those that each deputy hires, for his constituency and for the Assembly, i.e. between 1 and 5 people. by elected.

“But we can pool them,” he hopes. Each employee can indeed have several elected employers. And in the constituencies, he wants the deputies to “manage” by drawing in particular from the pool of activists.

– “Sincerity” –

Among the CVs he received are former collaborators of elected LR, members of Generation Z, the youth movement of Eric Zemmour, “whom we recognize right away”, or even lawyers, students from Sciences Po or business schools.

Timothée Houssin, a 33-year-old deputy from Eure and a business school graduate, claims to know “a lot of people” for having himself worked with several MEPs, and also a regional adviser.

He therefore sent CVs to Mr. Labaye, but recalls that these positions require “a good level of education” and “a certain level of commitment” because the return to professional life afterwards is “not easy”, regardless of political color.

The profiles are also studied according to the commission in which the RN deputy will work.

Franck Allisio, elected from Bouches-du-Rhône and in charge of studies at the RN, did not receive CVs from former employees of elected LR. But if this were the case, it would be necessary to “verify the sincerity” of the candidate, warns the deputy Sébastien Chenu.

The RN will not, in any case, draw on the collaborators of the European Parliament, according to the MEP André Rougé, but undoubtedly within the Horaces, these mysterious senior officials who technically advise Marine Le Pen, and whose works.

– “Institutionalization” –

“Some may come out of the woods” because with “this institutionalization” of the RN in the Assembly, “they know that they will no longer be bored in their careers”, he argues.

He also hopes that “the banks will look at (the RN) differently” given the “normalization” of the party, which has become a “strike force” in the Assembly, with the largest opposition group.

The RN usually struggles to obtain bank loans in France, and it has had to borrow money for its campaigns from Russian and Hungarian banks.

“There is certainly no” problem with the far-right party, assures Mr. Labaye, “given the tons of CVs that fall on me”. “When you succeed, you find a lot of people to help you,” agrees Mr. Tanguy, while several have campaigned without the RN label in the hope of attracting more voters.

Within the party too, it is the race for hiring. Caroline Parmentier, for example, intends to be a “full-time” deputy and recalls that press officer is a “very demanding job”.

Renaud Labaye points out, however, that Mr. Pfeffer is “not the first” treasurer to also be a deputy, citing for LR Daniel Fasquelle.

Marine Le Pen assures for her part that Jordan Bardella, acting president of the movement, “will have no difficulty in replacing those who today have been elected and who can retain responsibilities in the movement”. She herself was from 2011 to 2021 both MEP and then MP for Pas-de-Calais, and president of the party.


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