Frying oil as fuel: “It would have had only a small impact”

Frying oil as fuel: “It would have had only a small impact”

The head of the “Roule ma frite 64” association does not hide his disappointment. “The legalization of frying oil as a fuel opened doors for us… Now it will be more complicated”. The man – who prefers to remain anonymous – has been supplying individuals with frying oil for eight years, despite the bans. Since the proposal of deputy Julien Bayou to legalize the use of recycled frying oil as fuel, his association has experienced a serious increase in attendance. From twenty individuals using its services, “Roule ma frite 64” had grown to thirty users. Enough to approach new restaurateurs interested in selling their used cooking oil, and consider recruiting a part-time employee, while all the members of the association are currently volunteers.

But on August 12, everything collapsed for “Roule ma frite 64”: the Constitutional Council rejected the article of law, considering that it had nothing to do with the rest of article 20 of the purchasing power law in which it had to fit. The ecologist Julien Bayou reacted on Wednesday August 17 by announcing that he would return to the charge, seeking to incorporate the article into the 2023 finance bill. If “Roule ma frite” is chomping at the bit, most actors relativize the impact that this text would have had.

Between 90,000 and 100,000 tonnes of used cooking oil produced each year


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