‘Game Over’: Liz Truss, in very bad shape, will she last until Christmas?

‘Game Over’: Liz Truss, in very bad shape, will she last until Christmas?

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9:37 am, October 17, 2022

Liz Truss, UK Prime Minister since early September, already appears to be in trouble and could find it difficult to keep Downing Street. Tory MPs debate whether to keep Liz Truss as country’s PM However, she had tried unsuccessfully to calm the revolt by dismissing her finance minister.

Already the beginning of the end for Liz Truss? The British Prime Minister, who arrived at Downing Street on September 5th, has lost all authority over elected Conservatives who blame her for a series of setbacks in her economic plan. Liz Truss is clearly being ousted.

“Management of the Estate”

It’s a sequence never seen before in British politics, which took place on a television set on Sunday night. Just six weeks after the appointment of the new conservative prime minister, a member of his own camp is publicly calling for his departure. “The game is over. It’s just a question of how we settle his succession. We must now create a transition towards a collaboration between the talents of Richie Sonnac, Penny Mordaunt and Jeremy Hunt who would fill the top three positions of government.” , the deputy explained on television.

A much criticized economic plan

Two other elected Conservatives joined their peers’ call. However, Liz Truss had tried in vain to calm the revolt among the Tories by sacking his Treasury Secretary. His party blames him primarily for his economic plan, which is causing panic on the financial markets. The humiliating setbacks she has had to make and her poor performance in front of the press in recent days have undermined her authority. Some of her closest ministers anonymously concede that it is only a matter of time before the end of Liz Truss’ short reign.

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