German-French engine blocked: “A very difficult separation” for Copé (LR)

German-French engine blocked: “A very difficult separation” for Copé (LR)

Former LR minister Jean-François Copé on Thursday described the difficulties the Franco-German couple have encountered, particularly on energy and defense issues, as “serious disjunction” and judged Emmanuel Macron “too quiet”.

“No one talks about what is happening between France and Germany, that is indeed a separation that is extremely serious for everyone,” lamented the mayor of Meaux at the France inter microphone, referring to a “extremely worrying” situation.

President Emmanuel “Macron should go to the Bundestag real quick, talk to German parliamentarians (…) to tell them two or three things,” he estimated, beginning by “reminding them of three dates, 1870, 1914, 1940, just to make sure there is no one whose memory is failing”.

For the former minister, France must propose a “new pact” to Berlin in which it commits to “structural reforms” in pensions or public spending because, in his opinion, the Germans are “fed up with it”. In turn, we must “combine our defense and energy strategies on these two absolutely vital points”.

Chancellor Olaf Sholtz announced a €200 billion bailout plan for individuals and businesses in the face of rising electricity prices, but without consulting his European partners, leading to misunderstandings and fears of competitive distortions.

Berlin is also promoting a missile defense shield project with Israeli components in particular, which is in competition with those in Paris and Rome.

“Emmanuel Macron is too quiet, he really needs to dramatize things,” Mr Copé said.

Asked about the presidential campaign of his party Les Républicains, he refused to vote for any of the three candidates and summarized his observation: “If you come by from time to time, make soft eyes on this or that representative of the extreme right (you have to ) realize that once you’re in, it’s over, you can’t get out”.

Éric Ciotti is the favorite in this election, against Bruno Retailleau and Aurélien Pradié. The LR congress takes place in December and the party, caught between the Macronie and the extreme right, must clarify its line.


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