Germans resolutely support Ukraine despite gas prices as Ms. Baerbock drives to Kyiv

Germans resolutely support Ukraine despite gas prices as Ms. Baerbock drives to Kyiv

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock paid a surprise visit to Kyiv at the weekend d’Expressing solidarity, backed by new polls showing most Germans want to continue supporting l’Ukraine despite the high price of gas.

With his third visit to Kyiv this year the second since the beginning of l’Russian attack on the country Mme Baerbock said on Saturday (September 10) theshe wanted «to show that l’Germany will support l’Ukraine as long as necessary» .

This is shown by surveys published by the public broadcaster ZDF on Friday (September 9th). 70 % of Germans think that the country should continue to be supported l’Ukraine, despite the high prices of l’Energy.

The shortage of Russia’s gas supply has pushed up gas prices l’Electricity in Germany, and the situation should it’smeanwhile worsen l’Winter.

The proportion of supporters of retention includes almost all green voters (97 %), 82 % of the supporters of the Social Democrats (SPD) of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, around three quarters for the Liberals (FDP) and the Conservatives (CDU), less than 60 % for the left party and less d’a third for l’AfD (extreme right).

Nevertheless, Mme bear buck n’did not come to Kyiv with specific promises of new supplies d’weapons or d’other forms of support much to the despair of his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba, theThey met for bilateral talks.

«Every day when someoneIn Berlin people think and seek advice, people are dying here because of a tank n’ not been delivered»said M Kuleba when d’a joint press conference.

Mme Baerbock, that’s true l’one of the people pushing for more and faster deliveries d’Arms within the ruling coalition, recognized the great military advances made by l’Ukraine at the weekend:
« Secure, j’ listen honey MDmytro that you carried by the good news of the last few days continue to depend on this support.»


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