Germany plans to relax arms export rules, but hesitates on tanks destined for Ukraine

Germany plans to relax arms export rules, but hesitates on tanks destined for Ukraine

L’Germany should further relax its restrictive rules d’export d’Weapons, Defense Secretary Christine Lambrecht said. However, she remains reticent at the idea to supply l’Western main battle tanks of Ukraine theShe asked.

Mme Meanwhile, Lambrecht, a member of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s SPD, spoke out d’a speech in Berlin on Monday (12 September).

L’Germany should stop «d’insist on specific rules regarding d’export d’armor»because the strict rules that Berlin imposes often do «obstacle» on European defense projects, she said on Monday.

L’Germany is currently insisting on a so-called «retention of value clause» (reservation of valuein German) in each project agreement d’armament along with d’other countries from l’UE. This clause allows him to veto system exports d’jointly developed weapons to certain countries for ethical reasons.

To Mme Lambrecht, the risk d’invest large sums in the development and production of systems d’Then stopping weapons for Berlin, selling them deters many partners l’EU to start joint projects with l’Germany. However, this should reveal more « guide» in the military field.

Although greater export liberalization is being called for d’Poor, Mme Lambrecht continued to express reservations about supplying modern Western main battle tanks l’Ukraine. However, Kyiv and Mr Scholz’s government are exerting increasing pressure in this direction to support recent military advances l’Ukraine.

«Until nowno country n’delivered armored personnel carriers or western main battle tanks and we have agreed with our partners that we do not make solo Germany deliveries»She said.


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