Germany renews its application for permanent membership in the UN Security Council

Germany renews its application for permanent membership in the UN Security Council

Germany will ask to become a permanent member of the United Nations’ most important executive body: the Security Council. That’s what Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Wednesday (September 21).

In his speech to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, Scholz emphasized the need to adapt multilateral institutions to the realities of the 21st century. In his opinion, this also means giving Germany a permanent seat on the organization’s Security Council.

“Germany has been committed to its reform and enlargement for years, especially towards the countries of the south. Germany is also ready to take on more responsibility.”said Mr. Scholz.

With his desire to expand and reform the Security Council, the Chancellor is building on a position that the previous government had already pursued. As early as 2020, his predecessor, the conservative Angela Merkel, reiterated that the UN needed to be reformed.

At the time, the Chancellor proposed expanding the Security Council to include new members such as Germany and certain emerging countries in Asia and Africa, and abolishing the veto system that undermines the efficiency of the organs.

Mr. Scholz has recently pushed for closer ties with non-Western democratic countries such as India, Indonesia and South Africa. In his speech to the General Assembly, Mr. Scholz once again underlined the importance of these countries for maintaining a rules-based international order.

“It is absolutely obvious to me that the emerging and dynamic countries and regions of Asia, Africa and South America need to have more political influence on the world stage.”said Mr. Scholz.

The composition of the United Nations Security Council largely reflects post-war geopolitical realities, where countries like France and the United Kingdom still hold permanent seats.


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