Germany repatriates the last women and children imprisoned by the Islamic State

Germany repatriates the last women and children imprisoned by the Islamic State

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock announced on Thursday (October 6) that seven children, four women and one man, who have lived there since childhood, have been brought back to Germany from the Roj camp in northern Syria, where they were imprisoned.

A total of 26 women, 76 children and a teenager have been repatriated by the federal government through six repatriation campaigns in cooperation with local Kurdish forces, which control most of the detention camps, and logistical support from the federal states.

A decade after the start of the violent Syrian civil war and the subsequent rise of Daesh that led to the proclamation of the now defunct caliphate, nearly all known cases of German nationals jailed in Syria for their allegiance to the Islamic militia have been closed.

«JI am relieved that almost all known cases have been closed thanks to this campaignsaid Mrs. Baerbock.

Kurdish authorities have repeatedly urged Western countries to bring back their nationals being held in Kurdish-controlled and often overcrowded detention camps. However, the process was long and uneven.

Denmark decided earlier this year to only repatriate Danish children without their mothers, while Germany only allows children to be repatriated with the consent and simultaneous return of their mothers.

Upon arrival on German soil, adults would be prosecuted for their actions in Syria, said the German foreign minister, emphasizing that children are primarily considered “the victims“the Islamic militia and should not be held accountable”the fatal life decision of her parents».

Jennifer W., a German returnee, has been sentenced to an unprecedented prison term for atrocities committed at the height of violence, including against members of Syria’s Yazidi minority.

Jennifer’s husband and another activist, with Jennifer’s consent, had chained a young girl to death in the hot sun as punishment. At the end of October last year, a court in Munich sentenced her to ten years in prison for membership in a terrorist organization and crimes against humanity.


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