Germany will deliver new weapons to Ukraine, but not the battle tanks it has requested

Germany will deliver new weapons to Ukraine, but not the battle tanks it has requested

L’Germany sends a new batch d’weapons l’Ukraine, but the cargo will not include the western main battle tanks requested by l’Ukraine, Defense Secretary Christine Lambrecht announced as pressure mounts for support l’Ukraine in its military advances.

Berlin sends two multiple rocket launchers MARS II, with 200 rockets as ammunition, as well 50 armored vehicles Dingo, the social democratic minister announced meanwhile d’a public speech on Thursday (fifteen September).

Mme Lambrecht and his party colleague, Chancellor Olaf Scholz, until now waived an explanation theno other country especially the United States n’had delivered western tanks and such l’Germany should not lead d’unilateral action.

in one tweet, l’However, US Embassy in Berlin said that Washington
«calls on all allies and partners to lend as much support as possible» at l’Ukraine in the fight against l’Invasion. «Deciding on the type d’ Advisor n’does not belong to each country individually»they added.

L’announcement of Mme Lambrecht was criticized by Wladimir Klitschko, younger brother of Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko.M Klitschko is known in Germany for his successful boxing career.

«We are not given what we need»he said in spite of everything l’Germany and its partners have already brought to his country. «ce n’is theWith modern weapons and technology we can stop this war and Russia»he added.

Parallel to, l’Alliance of Ukrainian organizations bringing together different initiatives l’Ukraine in Germany, pressed M Scholzet Mme Lambrecht, in an open letter
«stop d’Do not hesitate and provide the necessary weapons l’Ukraine.»


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