Giorgia Meloni wants technocrats for important ministries?

Giorgia Meloni wants technocrats for important ministries?

Italy’s election winner and very likely next prime minister Giorgia Meloni has come under fire for trying to resemble her predecessor Mario Draghi by considering appointing technocrats instead of politicians to key ministries.

Following her electoral success last month, Ms Meloni is now attempting to form a government with the other two right-wing coalition partners, Matteo Salvini’s Lega and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

Rumors in Rome suggest Ms Meloni is being criticized by her allies over her alleged desire for an executive.high level which would therefore need more technocrats than politicians to ensure the work of the important ministries.

Many have even compared her to her predecessor, Mario Draghi, who was dubbed a technocrat by Italians.

«In this government I put my face. I want to do well, the moment is important, we will do our bestMs. Meloni said at a long party meeting.

During this time, his allies began suing and proposing names in exchange for crucial functions.

The first was Mr. Salvini, who asked to run again for the Ministry of the Interior. Giorgia Meloni said she has taken note and has not yet confirmed any names.

Problems with the Recovery Fund?

One of the biggest challenges for the next Italian government will be to absorb EU money from the recovery fund, with the necessary reforms to be implemented.

However, Ms Meloni stressed that the Draghi government had caused delays in implementing the program and that her government needed to deal with it.

«We inherit a difficult situation: the delays in the national recovery plan are evident and difficult to rectify, and we are aware that this is a mistake that does not depend on us, but which is also attributed to us by those who formed them“, She said.

Mr Draghi responded immediately by saying there was no delay in implementing the national plan.

«If so, the Commission would not pay the money. The government has taken all necessary measures to facilitate effective implementation of the national recovery plansaid Mario Draghi.

«It is of course up to the next government to continue implementation and I am sure they will do so with the same vigor and efficiency.added Mr. Draghi.

Ms Meloni then took a step back in what some say to make amends with Mr Draghi.

«The government [actuel] says that by the end of the year we will spend 21 billion euros out of the 29.4 billion euros that we had. We say in a constructive spirit that we have to do even better“, She said.

Contacted by EURACTIV ahead of the Italian elections, a European Commission spokesman said:

«The Italian plan encompasses a wide range of mutually reinforcing reforms and investments that help address effectively an important subset of the economic and social challenges outlined in the country-specific recommendations addressed to Italy by the Council as part of the 2019 European Semester 2020».

«The recommendations as well as the reforms and investments contained in the Italian recovery and resilience plan remain validsaid the EU official.

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