Given the right at the head of the general elections in Sweden

Given the right at the head of the general elections in Sweden

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STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – The right-wing bloc is poised to win Sunday’s Swedish general election by a narrow margin, the electoral authority said, based on results in 78% of constituencies.

The result of the election is still open, but according to the elections authority, Ulf Kristersson’s (conservative) Moderate Party, the Sweden Democrats (SD, extreme right), the Christian Democrats and the Liberals would win 175 seats in Parliament against 174 of the centre-left Social Democrat-led coalition led by outgoing Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

Unprecedented, the Conservatives, who have been in opposition for eight years, have said they are ready to govern with the parliamentary support of the SD of Jimmie Akesson, who has so far been marginalized on the political stage, even if Akesson is working on it to “normalize” the far right. Formation formed by white supremacists in 1988 since he took the reins in 2005.

The Riksdag, Sweden’s unicameral parliament, has 349 elected members.

In a first exit poll, the public broadcaster SVT predicted a narrow victory for the centre-left parties.

The nationalist and anti-immigrant SD party could be represented in Parliament as the second largest party with around 20% of the votes cast, behind the Social Democrats, who are credited with 29.3% to 29.7% of the votes in the exit polls, better than four years ago (28.3%).


The campaign has been dominated by promising themes for the right and the far right: the rise in crime with a “gang war” that has claimed more than 40 lives since the beginning of the year, the eruption of inflation and the related energy conflict in Ukraine.

The right claims to want to put Sweden “on the right track”. “We will give priority to respect for law and order, work and development of nuclear energy” in line with the fight against global warming, moderates party leader Ulf Kristersson assured in a video.

Irrespective of the outcome of the vote, negotiations to form a government promise to be long and difficult again.

Long negotiations had already preceded the formation of the minority government led by the Social Democrats in the previous parliamentary elections in 2018.

Sweden, which is in the process of joining NATO, will chair the European Union from January 1st.

(French version Sophie Louet and Jean-Stéphane Brosse)


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