Google buys cybersecurity giant Mandiant

Google buys cybersecurity giant Mandiant

Uncovering attackers’ secrets, knowing their weaknesses… Google is arming itself against cyber threats. On Monday, September 12, the American group completed the acquisition of cybersecurity company Mandiant for $5.4 billion. Through this merger, Google offers a size of the sector. A world reference in risk prevention and security breach analysis, quoted in numerous reports on the war in Ukraine or even on the cyber attacks carried out by China against the United States.

Founded by a former US Army officer, Mandiant is joining forces at Google Cloud, which already has its own cybersecurity division, the Google Cybersecurity Action Team, led by Brit Phil Venables. The company, which invested $10 billion in the sector over five years last year, hasn’t argued over the price.

As the second-biggest acquisition since it acquired device maker Motorola ($12.5 billion) in 2011, Google seems confident it can match the leaders in cloud security, including Microsoft with Azur. An institutional market that could reach a turnover of $36.43 billion in 2028, reports the firm Fior Markets.


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