Gouvieux. A driver takes the wrong pedal and wreaks havoc

Gouvieux. A driver takes the wrong pedal and wreaks havoc

The damage that occurred in the hamlet of Platane in Gouvieux (Oise), this Monday, July 25 is impressive. – Photo: Annie Minebois / Facebook

An extraordinary accident occurred in the morning in Gouvieux, near Chantilly, on Monday July 25. According to our information, a driver got the wrong…pedal. She accelerated instead of braking. She was traveling in the direction of Chantilly / Gouvieux, rue de Chantilly. The light was red and, rather than hitting the car stopped in front of her, the motorist swerved to the left to enter the hamlet of Platane. In doing so, his vehicle collided with a lamppost and the gas and electricity boxes. She also tore down the small white barriers that line the first property on the right.

No more gas or electricity

I don’t understand how this could have happenedasks Patrice Marchand, the mayor of Gouvieux. “The hamlet of Le Platane is a small dead end road…»

As a precaution, the emergency services would have cut off the gas and electricity for a few hours. The driver, suffering from some trauma, was taken to hospital. But, a priorishe would only be slightly injured.

The emergency services had the gas and electricity cut off during their intervention. – Photo: Annie Minebois / Facebook


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