Gouvieux. Clashes and overflows at the swimming pool due to attendance linked to the heat wave

Gouvieux. Clashes and overflows at the swimming pool due to attendance linked to the heat wave

1000 people were already present in the establishment at 3 p.m. – Photo credit: Facebook/ Farid Mehdeli

The managers of the Aqualis swimming pool in Gouvieux have marked the occasion. The aquatic complex closed earlier than planned on Sunday June 19. The management took this decision after the incidents that occurred the day before: violence between customers and against the staff took place during the day, requiring the intervention of the gendarmerie on several occasions.
The President of the community of commune of the Cantilian area François Deshayes was moved by this agitation. He called her “unforgivable and unspeakable.” The elected official went there on Sunday morning to support the employees. Following this, François Deshayes made the decision to file a complaint.

Ongoing violence

Due to the heat wave on Saturday June 18; many people wanted to cool off at the Gouvieux swimming pool. But visitors without a subscription, all of whom arrived practically at the same time at the opening, had to wait under the scorching sun. Scrambles and fights then occurred in the queue. The gendarmerie had to intervene for the first time.
At the end of the day, new clashes occurred at the announcement of the closure. Several people refused to leave the complex. Crowd movements were accompanied by verbal and physical violence against Aqualis staff. The gendarmes had to help the employees on site a second time to evacuate the premises. Interior spaces have also been degraded.


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