Government sobriety plan: finally the return of common sense

Government sobriety plan: finally the return of common sense

It’s a celebration. A tweet echoes an interview with RTE’s President: “Be careful, avoid running your four burners at the same time at 7pm.” Another circulates a “pejorative heating certificate”, made up of course… The comedians are unleashed. As if the government’s sobriety plan is just a big joke.

However, there is nothing ridiculous about the recommendations. Lower the temperature, equip yourself with a thermostat, turn off the lights, reduce nighttime lighting, don’t operate certain appliances during peak usage… All countries have issued the same type of recommendations. Only… at the same time, artificial snow is not forbidden, sandy beaches on the banks of the Seine, overpacking, private jets, maxi SUVs in the city, coaches parked for hours, with full air conditioning or heating, the new SNCF train stations, especially those of the greater Paris area, the true glass cathedrals are extremely energy intensive… Everyone leads by their own example. To better relieve yourself of any effort.

French suspicious due to conflicting orders

And then, because of conflicting orders, many French have grown suspicious and rebelled against the slightest direction coming from the leaders, whoever they are. Were they tricked into buying gazebos? Here they are under house arrest in rural deserts, with no transportation, no schools, no doctors. Have you been pressured into buying diesel cars? Absolute horror. All good for scrap. Won’t it be the same for electric vehicles tomorrow? Let’s not even talk about masks! So they moan. You’re joking! Turtleneck sweater and 19°C temperature, that’s not politics.

In reality, we’ve wasted, wasted, wasted for decades. It’s time to react. The announced measures are a step in the right direction, but they fall largely short of the accumulated delays and inertia of successive governments. Urban display, thermal screens, energy consumption standards, recycling… It’s time to step it up a gear considering, for example, only 3% of sorted plastics are recycled.

Sarkozy was right about nuclear power

But the most serious is the ease with which nuclear power has been abandoned. Together. Paralyzed by the ecologists’ apocalyptic fears, we are fooled by the promises of alternative energy. Rare are those who have been able to resist, this must be acknowledged. And when the right-wing primary candidate Nicolas Sarkozy asserted in 2016 that there was “simply no credible alternative to nuclear energy”, that the “closure of Fessenheim was a historic mistake”, that it was necessary “to keep the flow going”. to park and invest in the development of a new generation of power plants,” was the reaction.

The French chose Emmanuel Macron in modern finery, with Nicolas Hulot at his side. In an electoral calculus to consolidate his left wing (like Angela Merkel), he ratified François Hollande’s decisions and left the sector to decay. Without making sure to have an alternative energy. There is the big bankruptcy. But even with nuclear power, the time has come for greater sobriety. There was too much excess. Western societies are gripped by a kind of puritanism in the face of the increasingly severe effects of climate change. rigor and rigor. We trade, we recycle, we compost. The 19 degrees of government contribute to a significant awareness in addition to maintaining our power grid. And fortunately, many French people apply this rule with a good heart.


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