Grandvilliers. Pomegranates put up for sale, the flea market partly evacuated

Grandvilliers. Pomegranates put up for sale, the flea market partly evacuated

The flea market in Grandvilliers (Oise) was disrupted this Sunday, July 10: customs discovered two grenades on a stand. – Photo: Béatrice Tupenot – Facebook

The flea market in Grandvilliers, north of Beauvais, was partially evacuated this Sunday, July 10. A security perimeter was set up around a stand, due to the presence of unidentified ammunition at first. They were discovered at the end of the morning, leading to the intervention of the authorities.

Customs passed, as usual, and she discovered this stand with prohibited items for sale: there were two grenades, one small and one a little bigger“, explains Jacques Larcher, mayor of Grandvilliers. At first glance, the weapons had not been used.

The deminers went to the scene and took charge of the two munitions. “In ten minutes, it was settled“, specifies the elected official.

Second incident in over two months

The Grandvilliers flea market is one of the most important in the Oise. More than 350 exhibitors are installed in the streets of the city. This is the second event in the department to find itself in the same situation a few months apart. On May 26, the flea market in Crèvecœur-le-Grand, about ten kilometers from Grandvilliers, was also evacuated. The reason: the presence of a shell among the old objects for sale. A person had been arrested and, because of his place of residence, the Senlis prosecutor’s office was responsible for the legal follow-up.


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