Greater Paris gives up banning old cars (Crit’Air 3)

Greater Paris gives up banning old cars (Crit’Air 3)

The metropolis of Greater Paris decided on July 1st. The ban on Crit’Air 3 vehicles (petrol from 1997 to 2005, diesels from 2006 to 2010) in the low emission zone-m (ZFE-m) has been officially postponed to July 1, 2023. Main reason: The State has not yet clarified the conditions for the verbalization of offenders! Crit’air 3 vehicles were to be banned on 1er July 2022 within the Ile-de-France perimeter formed by the A86 (A86 itself excluded). And this, after the banishment of the Crit’air 5 (diesels from 1997 to 2000), Crit’air 4 (diesels from 2001 to 2005) and other older models. This postponement obviously provoked the ire of Parisian city officials. This postponement is a “sad deliberation (sic) and can be associated with a certain setback”, reacted David Belliard (Paris, EELV), deputy to the town hall of Paris in charge of the transformation of public space, transport, of mobility, in a hurry to prohibit access to old models!

Each agglomeration of more than 150,000 inhabitants must have established these ZFE-m (low emission-mobility zones) by 2025 at the latest. Of the 45 ZFE-m planned on our national territory, 11 are already in place. According to the law, these agglomerations will have to impose a fine on 1er January 2025 – last deadline – diesels before 2011, petrol vehicles before 2006. But the metropolis of Greater Paris is ahead of this schedule. In 2024, Anne Hidalgo wants to outright ban all diesels in the capital, even those with the latest Euro 6d anti-pollution standards.


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