Hauts-de-France: A Twitter user from Lille kicks off a collection of the Little Brothers of the Poor

Hauts-de-France: A Twitter user from Lille kicks off a collection of the Little Brothers of the Poor

We are never helped more than by others. At the beginning of June, the Little Brothers of the Poor launched a collection on their website for a project in favor of isolated and disabled elderly people. It was a question of financing an electric bicycle adapted to offer these people a “moment of escape” during their stay in a holiday home of the charity association, in the Oise. An initiative that struggled to find an echo until a Lille velo-taffeur, very followed on Twitter, got involved.

“The adapted bike is an extraordinary and very safe way to rediscover, whatever your physical condition, the pleasure of cycling and sharing a nice break”, insists the association the Little Brothers of the Poor. The collection therefore aims to find the 2,000 euros missing to complete the 12,000 euros of financing for this bicycle that can carry a wheelchair. Except that in one week, for lack of communication, only two people had participated for a total amount of 70 euros.

Networks are power

It was then, on June 8, that Cyclocastor entered the game. This Vélotaffeur from Lille with nearly 5,000 followers on Twitter, including 20 minutes had made the portrait some time ago, “ran unexpectedly” on the collection of the association. “2,000 euros to be found in 26 days, we should get there, right? “, he launches in a post on the social network before relaying the link to the collection.

And it works. The same day, a dozen people participated. New donations also arrived in the following days. Since Cyclocastor shared the initiative of the Little Brothers of the Poor, the pot has reached 920 euros, or 46% of the amount needed.


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