Hauts-de-France: An app to balance all your seum on the TER service

Hauts-de-France: An app to balance all your seum on the TER service

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Balance your TER. Since last week, the Rezo application has been available on the Google and Apple stores. Developed by the Hauts-de-France regional council, it should allow users of regional trains (TER) to report all kinds of problems they may encounter during their travels. Success guaranteed.

Is it still necessary to recall the climate of tension which reigns between the Region and the SNCF on the subject of the TER service? Under pressure, at the end of last year, the carrier made efforts to try to resolve the many malfunctions. However, his client and instructing party keeps an eye on him. And so that the vigilance of the SNCF on the quality of the service of TER does not weaken, the regional council has just equipped itself with a new weapon: Rezo.

So many balls to put pressure on the SNCF

It is a simple application, compatible with iOS and Android, “intended to collect and share reports from TER users”, we explain to the Region. Delays, cancellations of trains, under-dimensioning, insecurity, cleanliness… The user can thus balance live all the inconveniences suffered during his trip and assign a satisfaction rating. In order to avoid trolls, reports are geolocated.

Collecting this data serves two purposes. The first is to notify other travelers of any malfunctions in real time, a sort of “network line weather forecast”. The other is to “bring these contributions to the attention of the SNCF regional management so that improvement actions are better targeted”. In other words, give balls to the Region to put pressure on the carrier.


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