Hauts-de-France: Nearly 14 tons of contraband tobacco seized

Hauts-de-France: Nearly 14 tons of contraband tobacco seized

This is a big seizure, estimated at 6.95 million euros. Customs announced on Tuesday that they had seized nearly 14 tons of contraband tobacco between August 2 and 4 in the North and Pas-de-Calais.

Agents of the Dunkirk brigade (North) first discovered on August 2 almost 8 tons of tobacco hidden in a heavy truck when boarding a ferry to Loon-Plage bound for Ireland, according to a statement. On the same day, another HGV bound for the United Kingdom was intercepted by customs officers in the Channel Tunnel, in Pas-de-Calais, with 1.6 tons of tobacco on board. Finally, on August 4, the Dunkirk brigade seized 4.4 tons of tobacco in a container at the port from Singapore and bound for the United Kingdom.

More than 400 tons of contraband tobacco were seized in France in 2021, a figure up 41% year-on-year. These seizures “are in an upward trend” in 2022, according to the customs statement.


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