He takes the wheel without a license and without insurance because his “electric scooter had no more battery”

He takes the wheel without a license and without insurance because his “electric scooter had no more battery”

His license suspended since 2018, the defendant took the car because his scooter had “no more battery” – Photo credit: Let’s Kick / Unsplash

Wednesday, June 29, Moïse Bayer was arrested at Clos des Roses in Compiègne. The 37-year-old man is caught slaloming in the car between garbage cans. When his vehicle stops, the police carry out a check. He is the owner of the vehicle, although registered in the name of another person. On the other hand, his car is not insured and his license has been canceled since 2018. “My e-scooter ran out of battery and had to buy cigarettes“, certifies the defendant by way of explanation. Another element examined during his trial: during the control, Moïse Bayer did not want to submit to analyzes or examinations that could reveal the presence of narcotics.

However, for five years, Moïse Bayer consumed heroin. The one who says he is currently undergoing treatment to overcome this addiction admits having started smoking cannabis at the age of 18. Today, he claims to smoke a joint every day.

His criminal record shows 29 mentions, including 11 for traffic offences. Marie-Céline Lawrysz, the prosecutor of Compiègne, describes the individual present at the bar as “a public hazard“. She adds “what he is accused of is not being an addict… it’s that he doesn’t understand that he shouldn’t take the car. The day he hits someone, he has no insurance, he has nothing.She asks the court that he be punished with a 10-month prison sentence including four months of probation for 2 years, she also wishes to impose treatment on him.

Lawyer Chloé Tourre then evokes the 29 entries in her client’s record: “Has incarceration had an impact in the life of Mr Bayer ?She proposes community service as a punishment, the only sanction that does not appear on her criminal record. Regarding the illicit use of narcotics in recidivism, it requests that the defendant be released. “We don’t have proof that he used cannabis or heroin… he went to the Clos des roses, of course, but his use is not proven: we cannot prosecute him for this offence. She adds to support her argument: “VYou only have the defendant’s statements.»

The court acquits the defendant for the illicit use of narcotics as a repeat offense from June 29, 2021 to June 29, 2022, but finds him guilty for the rest of the facts. As punishment, he received 10 months’ imprisonment, including four months’ probation for two years. He also has the obligation to undergo psychological care. The court having issued a warrant of committal, he was imprisoned immediately.


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