Homophobia. A platform of a hundred signatories defends Caroline Cayeux in the face of controversy

Homophobia. A platform of a hundred signatories defends Caroline Cayeux in the face of controversy

Valeurs Actuelles has published a column in support of Caroline Cayeux.

Tuesday August 2 was marked by a mobilization in Paris to demand the resignation of Caroline Cayeux and several other ministers. They are accused of homophobia by LGBT activists, part of the left and environmentalists. Against the grain of this media event, Current Values published a column signed by a hundred executives and political figures. They defend the minister and mayor of Beauvais under freedom of opinion.

It is no longer necessary to simply apply the law, it is also necessary to think correctly, which constitutes a worrying totalitarian drift.“Complain the authors of the forum. Because, for them, Caroline Cayeux and the others only said what they thought, when the debate authorized them to do so.

A balance of power

The signatories add:We no longer count the number of destroyed careers and unjustified social and media death sentences for people who have committed no other crime than that of thinking badly or displeasing the mandarins of political correctness.According to them, LGBT associations have the means to control what is acceptable or not in public opinion. They also write:LGBT associations have almost unlimited financial means and powerful media and political relays. In the supply of ideas, they are in a monopoly situation and intend to keep it“.

They therefore present themselves as defenders of freedom of expression and see Caroline Cayeux’s apologies as an admission of weakness. The Minister then made the choice tohis career to the detriment of his conscienceapologizing for his remarks made in 2013 and this year on Public Sénat.

Nor do they defend Caroline Cayeux in all her decisions. His change of political label to join Emmanuel Macron, for example, is not appreciated. “This same conscience that she and her friends have already betrayed in the past by yielding to the siren song of Macronie“, denounces the platform. Conservatives, elected officials, but no headliner.

Among the hundred signatories, several leaders of conservative groups are highlighted by Values ​​Currentthem. But ultimately, there are very few known to the general public. Except Jean-Frédéric Poisson. Or Christine Boutin, who was kind enough to sign this column which says that there was “neither hatred nor violence towards homosexual peoplein the words of Christine Boutin.

The elected signatories: Sébastien Meurant, Senator;

Jean-Christophe ACHARD (Deputy Mayor); Olivier Autain (CM); Véronique Berger (Deputy Mayor); Catherine Bolze (Regional Councillor); Sandra Office (CM); Grégoire Chambon (Deputy Mayor); Jean Champetier de Ribes (CM); Cécile Chevillard (Vice President of the Departmental Council); Jean-Francois Cuignet (CM); Philippe d’Esaintot (Deputy Mayor); Bertrand de La Chesnais (CM); François de Laforcade (Deputy Mayor); Jean de Maistre (CM); Thierry de Poncins (CM); Vincent Dumas (CM); Agnes Dumont (CM); Aude Etcheberry (Regional Councillor); Anne Gravière (CM); Janig Gué (Deputy Mayor); Marie-Christine Guizard (CM); Isabelle Helie (CM); Celine Jullie (CM); Marie Angélique Latournerie (Deputy Mayor); Gonzague Malherbe (CM); Francois Martin (CM); Christian Montagard (CM); Jean Piébourg (Mayor); Monique Pinet (Deputy Mayor); Caroline Rouillier (CM); Pierre Marie Salle (CM)
Executives, regional and departmental party leaders: Laurence Albert; Antoine Ardant; Joelle Bergeron Guerpillon; Godefroy Bes de Berc; Herve Boissonade; Marc Bonnet; Myriam Bordreuil; Stephane Boucher; Anselme Boussugé; Christine Boutin (former Minister); Franck Bouvattier; Maxence Bringuier; Anthony Cardoso; Jean-Pierre Charote; Julien Clos; Philippe Colombani; Marilyn Raven; Henri-Florent Cotte; Paul-Marie Costeaux; Dominique Daillet; Marie de Blic; Thibault de Castelbajac; Benedicte de Dinechin; Stephen of Livron; Antoine de Loisy; Frank Debeaud; Mickael Decottignies; Sandrine Delatre; Thierry Delbos; Olivier Delucenay; Christophe Derot; Aurora Diakite; Sophie Dimet; Loic du Pontavice; Brigitte Dujardin; Sebastien Dulion; Virginie Duvillard; Patrick Espinasse; Pierre Esquier; Yann Gautier; Catherine Gilbert; Patrick Goubeault; Denis Goubeault; Marie-Joelle Guillaume; Benoît Guirlet; Sophie Hallé; Laurent Hennequin; Christopher Horen; Etienne Ignatovitch; Charles-Henri Jamin; Francis Jubert; Mael Kerbaul; Blandine Krysmann; Elisabeth Lalesart; Pia Landrin; Pierre Lareigne; Alain Lavedrine; Cedric LeBel; Philippe Lecat; Laurent Leclerc; Tanguy Louvel; Philippe Madoumier; Aymeric Master of Chambon; Myriam Mehidi; Dan-Alexandre Memmi; Melissa Michel; Dominique Michel; Patrick Cute; Yves Naudin; Vincent Walnut; Pascal Parant; Jean-Baptiste Paris; Olivier Pirra; Xavier Poinsard; Pierre Porta; Thierry Pouchol; Jean Raffa; Herve Rigolot; Jean-Yves Rineau; Frederic Robert; Florent Roger; Jean-Baptiste Rouquerol; Jean-Pierre Salon; Pierre Sarron; John Sebban; Aurora Svartman; Nicolas Tardy-Joubert; Pierre-Yves Thomas; Bruno Vercken; Jean-Paul Viallefont


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